Siapa Kami Dan Apa Yang Kami Mahukan?

Deleted Books merupakan *grup afiniti yang ditubuhkan oleh mereka yang berada di Network Of Solidarity Collective. Deleted Books diwujudkan atas alasan untuk menyebarkan informasi sub-budaya yang sukar diperolehi oleh masyarakat awam. Mengambil peranan sebagai grup yang akan menyebarkan informasi melalui bahan bercetak (eg: buku, zine, newsletter), Deleted Books berusaha untuk mencari, mengeluarkan dan menyebarkan apa jua bahan-bahan ilmu yang menarik untuk dikongsi bersama.

*grup afiniti = affinity group

"An affinity group is usually a small group of left-wing political activists (usually from 3-20) who work together on direct action.

Affinity groups are organized in a non-hierarchical manner, usually using consensus decision making, and are often made up of trusted friends of a common ideology. They provide a method of organization that is flexible and decentralized.
Affinity groups can be based on a common ideology (eg. anarchism), a shared concern for a given issue (eg. anti-nuclear) or a common activity, role or skill (eg. black blocs). Affinity groups may have either open or closed membership, although the latter is far more common." - taken from Wikipedia


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